Sunday, March 12, 2017

Official Nifty Ten Fifty 2017

The Nifty Ten Fifty will occur on April Fools Day, Saturday, April 1, 2017. The Nifty Ten Fifty will again travel the new route that was first run in 2015! Please scroll down for information about the event. Riders will self guide on the new, improved, easier to follow course. Ride begins at 9:30 AM. However, you may register any time beginning 8:30 AM at Cerrito Vista Park, El Cerrito, and self start when you are ready. Please RSVP on the Official Facebook page,

Do not download the 2014 course. Use the new 2017 course below. There will be no rest stop, but services are available after 7 of the 10 climbs, so do bring food for several hours, and some cash to resupply. There is plenty of water on the course in the East Bay Regional Park system.

Here is the 2017 course, same as 2016: Nifty Ten Fifty 2016 Course.

If you drive to the event, you'll need to get back to the start to fetch your automobile. Here is the Nifty Ten Fifty Return to Start. We encourage you to ride or BART to the start. If the full Nifty seems a bit daunting, consider the Nifty Lite which is about 42 miles and 7,000'. Still a tough ride, with some difficult climbing. Here is the Nifty Lite 2016 Course.

Do read What is the Nifty Ten Fifty and Nifty Ten Fifty FAQ.

You can also read the New Nifty Ten Fifty Ride Description, a new, fully updated description for 2015 and beyond! I'm very excited about the new course and hope everyone enjoys it. Don't worry, all of the epic destination climbs are still intact!Official Facebook Invite Page