Saturday, April 6, 2024

 Nifty Ten Fifty 2024 Results:

We had a perfect day for the Nifty Ten Fifty 2024. It was a smaller group as I'm seriously injured and didn't have the inspiration to promote the event but many hearty souls showed up anyway. And I thank you for that. Along with a very strong local crew we had a few notables show up. Katheryn Curi made the trip and was the fastest woman on the course with regular competition from the very fast Master's rider Jennie Phillips. I won't talk about age here but suffice to say both of these women are still competitive on a national level in their disparate age categories. The overall winner was a repeat of last year. James Kinney, 28, lit the course on fire again and set an unbelievable record on Marin Ave of 5:34. Frankly, anything under 8 minutes is extremely fast. I hope a few of you had the pleasure of watching James as he wisked by you. Even with age/gender compensation, and very strong riders like Will Harrower, Dan Pannell and the aforementioned ladies — nobody could not touch him. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride and had a safe outing. Below you will find a bunch of photos courtesy my good friend Hugh Rodman, and below that you can scroll down to a list of results, both with and without age/gender compensation. Thanks again for coming and perhaps I will be physically able to ride next year!

Katheryn Curi keeping puffy warm before the ride

Jennie Phillips with Mister Nifty

Dan the press man

Morgan Griffin flying BBC colors

Hugh Rodman supplied most of the photos seen here with Paul McKenzie

James Kinney flies up Marin in 5:34 like it's nothing

Preliminary results from Marin Ave. April 6, 2024

1J K5:34
2Will Harrower7:29
3Dan Pannell7:30
4Katheryn Curi8:08
5Steven Wu8:23
6Jake Titlenutz8:32
7Damian Trujillo8:47
8Tim D8:55
9J Piglet9:17
10Torsten Fink9:22
11Hugh 🍱9:27
12Dave Ritzman9:32
13Justin Walz9:41
14Baslyos Estifanos9:47
15Veer Ravuri9:57
15Vinson Fan9:57
17Rick Crawford10:06
18Hoops McCann10:42
19Andrew Brown10:58
20Antonio Beroldo11:03
21Tosh Hotchi11:16
22Morgan Griffin11:34
23Cliff Federspiel12:29
24Susan Parkinson12:50
25Henryk Laqua13:01
26Steven Payne15:11
27Elai M16:14
28Alberto Perez16:15
29Hussein Jamsheed16:24
30Ionuţ Georgescu19:09
31Jill Herschleb19:26
32Geoff Potter20:14
1J K4:11
2Dan Pannell5:20
3Will Harrower5:21
4Steven Wu5:46
5Katheryn Curi6:01
6Damian Trujillo6:08
7Torsten Fink6:12
8Dave Ritzman6:35
9J Piglet6:45
10Vinson Fan7:13
11Veer Ravuri7:15
12Rick Crawford7:27
13Hugh 🍱7:31
14Joshua Speer7:34
15L A7:44
15Lucy Andrews7:44
17Tim D7:45
18Morgan Griffin7:50
19Steven Payne8:12
20Justin Walz8:14
21Baslyos Estifanos8:26
22Antonio Beroldo8:57
23Cliff Federspiel9:10
24Ionuţ Georgescu9:24
25Hussein Jamsheed9:26
26Tosh Hotchi9:28
27Andrew Brown9:35
28Alberto Perez9:59
29Elai M10:40
30Susan Parkinson10:44
1J K18:24
2Dan Pannell22:23
3Will Harrower24:54:00
4Damian Trujillo28:45:00
5Dave Ritzman28:48:00
6Torsten Fink29:20:00
7Veer Ravuri29:56:00
8J Piglet30:22:00
9Steven Wu30:39:00
10Katheryn Curi30:46:00
11Hugh 🍱32:29:00
12Morgan Griffin33:47:00
13Vinson Fan34:00:00
14Antonio Beroldo34:05:00
15L A35:36:00
15Lucy Andrews35:36:00
17Baslyos Estifanos37:39:00
18Justin Walz39:55:00
19Rick Crawford40:48:00
20Tim D41:27:00
21Kester Allen41:44:00
22Tosh Hotchi44:58:00
23Susan Parkinson45:04:00
24Hussein Jamsheed46:32:00
25Andrew Brown47:56:00

Marin Ave Age/Gender Compensated:

Thorndale age/gender compensated:

1J K4:11
2J Piglet4:27
3Katheryn Curi4:34
4Dan Pannell5:07
5Will Harrower5:21
6Torsten Fink5:23
7Steven Wu5:46
8Damian Trujillo5:53
9Dave Ritzman5:55
10Lucy Andrews6:34
11Hugh 🍱6:36
12Rick Crawford6:51
13Morgan Griffin6:53
14Vinson Fan7:13
15Veer Ravuri7:15
16Steven Payne7:27
17Cliff Federspiel7:36
18Tim D7:45
19Justin Walz8:14
20Alberto Perez8:17
21Susan Parkinson8:22
22Baslyos Estifanos8:26
23Tosh Hotchi8:36
24Andrew Brown8:43
25Hussein Jamsheed8:52
26Ionuţ Georgescu8:55
27Antonio Beroldo8:57
28Elai M10:40

Claremont age/gender compensated:

1J K18:24
2J Piglet20:02:31
3Dan Pannell21:29
4Katheryn Curi23:22:58
5Will Harrower24:54:00
6Torsten Fink25:31:12
7Dave Ritzman25:55:12
8Damian Trujillo27:36:00
9Hugh 🍱28:35:07
10Morgan Griffin29:43:46
11Veer Ravuri29:56:00
12Lucy Andrews30:15:36
13Steven Wu30:39:00
14Vinson Fan34:00:00
15Antonio Beroldo34:05:00
16Susan Parkinson35:09:07
17Rick Crawford37:32:10
18Baslyos Estifanos37:39:00
19Justin Walz39:55:00
20Tosh Hotchi40:55:11
21Tim D41:27:00
22Andrew Brown43:37:10
23Hussein Jamsheed43:44:29

Overall age/gender results:

Note: Since these results are age/gender compensated, everyone competes on a theoretical even playing field so of course these results do not include separate men's and women's categories. It should be noted that both of our top females, Jennie Phillips and Katheryn Curi were top pro level athletes in their day. James Kinney, overall winner at just 28 years of age, of course gets no age or gender compensation. He is an exceptionally strong pro level athlete in his prime and I hope a few of you had the pleasure of seeing him climb as he started well after everyone and set records on the course. To the rest of you, great job! And for the older and female athletes, I hope you enjoy the age compensated results with the ability to compete with any age/gender. For the rest of you 40 years old and younger males, your overall results without compensation are also included above!

Results are the sum of your placings in each category with age compensation. So if you win all three timed sectors, your score is 3. If you place 5th, 4th, and 3rd, your score is 12. Lowest score wins.