Saturday, April 1, 2023

                            Nifty Ten Fifty 2023 Results Below!

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Nifty Ten Fifty 2023 Results:

Today, Sunday April 2, 2023 I will be compiling and posting results incrementally as the day passes. Josephine Nitschke (a.k.a.) Fini En) was our strongest female rider. While I thought Kenny Owen had a strong enough performance on the day to take the men's title there was another strong rider, way ahead and unbeknownst to me, quietly crushing the course at warp speed and setting new Strava records on Marin and Claremont/Grizzly/Volmer. That would be James Kinney. While I haven't yet applied the age/gender handicaps, 27 year old Kinney, with no handicaps whatsoever, is almost certainly fast enough to take the overall title even with age/gender adjustment. The overall title before handicaps is determined by summing the placing on each of 3 climbs, which are weighted equally. Lowest number wins. Note that many riders did not register the top of the final climb for some reason. I have fixed what I can but some riders have private accounts and I cannot get in without permission. If you see that you should be here but are missing results, please LMK and friend me on Strava and/or make your ride public and/or send me your ride url. Paul McKenzie.

Marin Ave Results overall:

1James Kinney5:47
2Cameron Bronstein7:45
3Elliot Krigel7:50
4Kenny Owen8:04
5Ian Myjer8:08
6Naor Deleanu8:22
7Tim D8:48
8Damian Trujillo8:55
9Steven Zulim9:04
10Chris Brassell9:22
11Hugh 9:24
12David Gould9:39
13Torsten Fink10:00
14Connor Ashenbrucker10:34
15Julien Guy10:38
16Dhurty Roadee10:43
17Ted Ognibene10:51
18Jesse MacEwan11:16
19Fini En11:28
20Ben Yee12:21
21Tosh Hotchi13:01
22Steve Schwartz13:09
23Alison Millar14:14
24Gabby 14:44
25Eric Asuncion15:23
26Jon Liu16:09
27Christina Solomon16:13
28Ionu籟 Georgescu19:43

Overall Results Thorndale:

Overall Results Claremont/Grizzly/Vollmer:

1James Kinney18:52
2Kenny Owen25:39:00
3Naor Deleanu27:47:00
4Damian Trujillo29:30:00
5Torsten Fink32:00:00
6Elliot Krigel32:58:00
7Tosh Hotchi33:28:00
8David Gould33:46:00
9Christina Solomon34:49:00
10Hugh 35:15:00
11Dhurty Roadee35:17:00
12Jesse MacEwan35:18:00
13Ian Myjer36:53:00
14Alison Millar43:07:00
14Fini En37:00:00
15Ted Ognibene40:00:00
16Steve Schwartz44:44:00
17Julien Guy44:48:00
19Connor Ashenbrucker52:36:00
20Ben Yee53:03:00

Below are the overall results with age/gender compensation. Even playing field for all. Note that even with zero handicap, James Kinney still crushes the competition. What an amazing rider. Arguably the fastest human ever to ride the Nifty! Numbers are total minutes on the three climbs that were scored with handicap applied. Special mention goes to Women's champ Josephine Nitschke (a.k.a. Fini En), and Kenny Owen the runner up men's after Kinney. Also Hugh Rodman who completed the Nifty after a 170 mile brisk jaunt the day before! A big thank you to everyone who came out to ride and especially Mary Ann Jawilli and Steve Schwartz for helping out with logistics! Numbers below are minutes in total spent on the 3 timed sectors with handicap time subtracted for age/gender.

1James Kinney31.7
2Kenny Owen39.5
3Naor Deleanu45.6
4Torsten Fink46.6
5Damian Trujillo48
6Hugh 49.75
7Dhurty Roadee51.1
8Fini En52.1
9Elliot Krigel52.2
10David Gould53.3
11Tosh Hotchi53.5
12Jesse MacEwan53.9
13Ted Ognibene55
14Christina Solomon55.2
15Ian Myjer55.9
16Alison Millar60.2
17Julien Guy65.75
18Steve Schwartz66.6
19Ben Yee72.75
20Connor Ashenbrucker77.1