Friday, March 7, 2014

Nifty Ten Fifty 2014 Edition

Nifty Ten Fifty Scheduled for April 6, 2014!

* The date is set, folks, Sunday, April 6! Get yer climbing legs ready!

* Please carpool or ride to the start if you can. If you BART, get off at El Cerrito Plaza, and head north to Moeser Lane, via Richmond Ave, turn right and continue to Pomona Ave. We start at the intersection of Moeser Ln. and Pomona Ave in El Cerrito.

* Please be ready to ride 5 minutes before start time for your group. We start "on time." We will have a rider meeting for all groups, I will be there for Nifty Lite/B group start and A group start. Elite group will be small, and I will be gone. You guys are on your own and can take care of yourselves. Leaders will be Josh Dapice and Bill Laddish. There will be other Elite vets as well.

* Bring food at the start for up to 3 hours.  There will be a stocked, self serve, rest stop at half way point, about mile 25. Water and bathroom available. Bring money for coffee and pastry at Peet's Domingo after climb 9, before the final climb to the finish on Vollmer Peak. And don't forget the scrumptious new bakery, FournĂ©e, next door to Peet's!

* A voluntary donation of $5 is requested to cover costs. Please find me and make your donation. I will be wearing a Marc Pro - Strava vest and Black STRAVA baseball cap. Some of my teammates will be there. Don't confuse them with me. They're thieves! :-)

* Bring low gears and a positive attitude. If you know the roads, lend a helping hand to others so they can find their way.

* Guides will wait a short time at the top of climbs to regroup. This is NOT a "No Drop" ride. If you fall behind, the guide will continue on with the group. Print out the route sheet and/or upload the route to your Garmin so that you can find your own way in a pinch. If you expect to be one of the slower riders in your group, the ability to self navigate may be crucial.

* I am expecting a large group this year. Please fuel up at the rest stop, drink up, fill your bottles, and take just one or two snacks in your pocket for the next climbs so that others have enough treats to stay fueled. You'll stop again at Peet's Domingo within 1-2 hours. There is also a bakery next door to Peet's.

* Upload your data to Strava and I will post results for KOM on Marin and the final climb up Claremont and Grizzly Peak to Vollmer peak. I will also track overall moving time for the entire course. But... it's not a race. KOM Results from last year are in the 2013 Ride Report

* Please ride safely, obey all traffic laws, descend at a sensible pace, wear a helmet, and do not do anything that might jeopardize the ride going forward.

* We will meet at Lanesplitter, in Berkeley, San Pablo Ave near University after the ride for suds and Pizza. 5 PM approximately.

2014 Courses Posted!

The latest, greatest, course download for the

Nifty Ten Fifty 2014

The Nifty Lite 2014

At the ride link, go to "Export," output a .tcx file, then upload to your Garmin by placing the .tcx file in the "New Files" folder of your Garmin device (DO NOT load the file into the "Courses" folder. Be sure to properly eject your Garmin or the file won't stick). Then you can follow with your Garmin. If you are old school, just print out a route sheet. Actually, print out a route sheet either way. I will no longer be providing route sheets at the start.

The NTF is scheduled for April 6, 2014, always the first Sunday in April. Start times will be:

"B" Group and Nifty Lite: 8:30 A.M.
"A" Group: 9:00 A.M.
"Elite" Group 9:30 A.M.

Where: Cerrito Vista Park
Moeser Ln. and Pomona Ave., El Cerrito, CA.

Park at the South end of the diagonal parking area, about 100 Meters from the corner.

Please scroll down to read much more info about the Nifty, and please do read the FAQ section.

Check out the Nifty Ten Fifty Film by Chris Leavell if you have not already done so.

As you can see, we will again have an "Elite" group, for super strong Cat 1,2 riders.

I will be leading the "A" group as usual. There will also be an Elite group, the usual "B" group,  and the "Nifty Lite" group. Scroll down below for more information on which group you should join, but in a nutshell:

Elite: Pro, Cat 1, Cat 2
"A": Cat 3, Strong Masters riders
"B": Cat 4, Strong, fit recreational riders
"Nifty Lite": An easier, shorter course, with a more relaxed pace

If you are not sure what group you belong in, start with a slower group and latch on to the faster group when they catch. This way you won't be dropped.

The ride is NOT a race, however the different groups allow everyone to keep moving and ride at their own comfortable, (or not so comfortable), pace. There will be KOM's on Marin and the final climb up Claremont, Grizzly, Vollmer. Data will be pulled from Strava, so be sure to upload your data. It's free, and you just need a Garmin, iPhone, or Android device.

Feel free to contact me:

Cheers, Paul


  1. Hey Paul. First BART on Sunday arrives at 8:48am. Just a heads up for those coming in from out of the East Bay.

  2. I became aware of this issue (BART Sunday Schedule) too late in the game to change start times. Next year will double check the schedule to be sure everyone can make start times when riding BART. Many rode to the start by bicycle and I really appreciate that.