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Nifty Ten Fifty 2022 Results

A happy finisher on Vollmer Peak


Overall Women Podium:

Score is sum of overall placings on three QOM climbs. Lowest score wins:

1-Ellen E: 79

2-Alex T. 81

3-Sara M. 112

4-Caroline R. 126

(There were only 4 women who completed the entire route with all three climbs)

Overall Men Podium:

Score is sum of overall placings on three KOM climbs:

1- Dylan F. 7

1- Justin P. 7

3- Alec B. 10

4-Paul S. 12

4- German Z. 12

6- Hugh R. 17

6- Viriglio P. 17

Age/Gender compensated results. Note that these results are calculated using research data demonstrating differences in gender, and decline as we age. This puts the entire field of riders on an even playing field so we all compete against one another fairly. In this scenario, we often see a very strong Masters male or female rider taking the overall. But in this year's Nifty, we had two insanely strong young riders, Justin Peck, 19 and Dylan Fryer, 21. Despite some very accomplished Masters riders, nobody could dethrone these two. Hats off to them both for a brilliant ride on the Nifty 2022!

Overall Age/Gender Compensated Results:

1- Justin P. 7

2- Dylan F. 11

2- Alec B. 11

4- Hugh R. 12

5- Paul S. 14

6- German Z. 15

7- Virgilio P. 23

8- Paul M. 25

9- Charlie H. 30

10- Owen M. 33

11- Alex T. 41

After a two year hiatus due to Covid, the Nifty Ten Fifty came back strong for the 19th version on April, 2, 2022. We had approximately 80 riders show up for the event, and a strong field it was! This ride is extremely difficult due to the amount of climbing and the steepness of many of the grades. But riders suffered through it and many enjoyed the sense of accomplishment after finishing at Vollmer Peak. The partnership with Sports Basement worked out well, and I hope to expand the offerings next year and beyond.

This year we had the youngest rider ever to complete the ride, Alex T., and I had the pleasure of riding with her all day to witness the milestone! We started well after most riders had left, but still caught a few on the course and leap frogged the rest of the day with these hearty souls! Thanks to everyone coming out and riding safe!

Some finishers at Vollmer Peak including Mr. Nifty (far right) and 13 year old Alex T. (third from right).

Below are some prelim results for the three timed climbs on the Nifty Ten Fifty 2022. I'll have a write-up on the event, photos, overall results for both men and women, and also age/gender adjusted results to see who are the stars when those factors are considered. We will also crown an overall winner of the event in the age/gender adjusted category, keeping in mind that this is NOT a race but rather a challenge. If you have photos you'd like to share, please provide a link or send photos to me either at or Five One Oh-409-8873. Thanks to all for coming out and riding!

KOM Results for Marin Ave

1Rubber Duck 🦆6:10
2Justin Peck6:10
3Alec Babala7:07
4Paul Silvis 🦝7:24
5Hugh Rodman8:05
6German Andres Zamora M.8:12
7Nolan Blankenau8:23
8Varun Rao8:29
9Virgilio Pigliucci8:30
10Ben Trefry8:34
10Greg N8:34
12Paul Hainsworth8:47
13Shinya Ito8:50
14Damian Trujillo9:13
15Santi Mestre Fos9:18
16Owen Miyoshi, FFCC/FF49:30
17Adam Hunt9:42
18Naor Deleanu9:48
19Joe Mornin10:08
20Christopher Danner10:10
21Ellen E10:14
22Wael Iskandar10:17
23Adrien Magnus10:30
24Paul McKenzie10:34
25Victor Corbelli10:38
25Dylan Jackson10:38
27Neil Black10:39
28Ted Ognibene10:51
28Vinson Fan10:51
30charlie h10:53
31David Gould11:10
32Dave Otten11:13
33perry harmony11:26
34Alex T11:36
35John Zacherle11:41
36David Domingo11:49
37Robert Ballard11:59
37Jesse MacEwan11:59
39Jim Frink12:29
40Dmitry Livdan12:46
41Erik Gerlach12:52
42Alejandro Pujol13:14
43Rick Crawford13:17
44Shane C13:34
45static age14:01
46krish nayar14:18
47Sara Mastromarino14:43
48Victor Chao15:17
49Scott Werwath15:19
50Henri Wintz15:35
51Jeremiah Maller15:39
52cheyla s18:07
53Caroline Roberts18:10

KOM Results for Thorndale Ave. Note that we had an issue on the timing of this segment. Because there is a sharp haipin at the top near the finish, some riders tripped the GPS finish too soon. So I had to adjust the segment slightly to alleviate this issue. Correct results below:

1Rubber Duck 🦆4:50
2Justin Peck4:51
3Paul Silvis 🦝4:52
4Alec Babala4:57
5German Andres Zamora M.5:01
6Virgilio Pigliucci5:38
7Ben Trefry5:46
8Hugh Rodman5:54
9Neil Black6:05
10charlie h6:28
11Shinya Ito6:41
12Varun Rao6:43
13Damian Trujillo6:48
14Christopher Danner7:03
15Greg N7:04
16Nolan Blankenau7:09
17Naor Deleanu7:15
18perry harmony7:20
19Owen Miyoshi, FFCC/FF47:22
20Paul McKenzie7:25
21Joe Mornin7:37
22Santi Mestre Fos7:39
23Jim Frink7:48
24Alex T7:50
25Adam Hunt8:19
26Ted Ognibene8:20
27David Gould8:25
28krish nayar8:27
29David Domingo8:33
30Shane C8:33
31Rick Crawford8:44
32Dylan Jackson8:46
33Ellen E8:58
34Sara Mastromarino9:11
35Jesse MacEwan9:12
36Scott Werwath9:31
37Erik Gerlach9:32
38John Zacherle9:33
39Henri Wintz9:43
40static age9:45
41Caroline Roberts9:52
42Dmitry Livdan10:14
43Vinson Fan10:20
44Jeremiah Maller10:59
45Alejandro Pujol11:00
46Wael Iskandar12:08

KOM Results for Claremont/Grizzly/Vollmer:

1German Andres Zamora M.23:24
2Virgilio Pigliucci24:02:00
3Alec Babala24:51:00
4Hugh Rodman25:20:00
5Paul Silvis 🦝25:47:00
5Rubber Duck 🦆25:47:00
7Justin Peck25:48:00
8Ben Trefry28:35:00
9Varun Rao29:09:00
10Owen Miyoshi, FFCC/FF431:04:00
11Neil Black31:27:00
12Damian Trujillo31:28:00
13charlie h31:54:00
14Naor Deleanu32:12:00
15Paul McKenzie35:04:00
16Santi Mestre Fos35:16:00
17David Domingo35:48:00
18Greg N35:54:00
19David Gould36:38:00
20Wael Iskandar37:13:00
21Joe Mornin37:25:00
22Nolan Blankenau37:34:00
23Alex T37:47:00
24Jim Frink38:14:00
25Ellen E38:48:00
26Kester Allen38:56:00
27Jesse MacEwan39:22:00
28Adam Hunt39:41:00
29krish nayar40:31:00
30Ted Ognibene41:11:00
31Sara Mastromarino42:08:00
32Caroline Roberts42:19:00
33Dylan Jackson45:01:00
34John Zacherle45:28:00
35static age45:36:00
36Shinya Ito46:05:00
37Shane C46:29:00
38Scott Werwath47:17:00
39Rick Crawford47:53:00
40Vinson Fan48:48:00
41Alejandro Pujol49:27:00
42Jeremiah Maller53:43:00
43Henri Wintz54:35:00
44Erik Gerlach57:50:00

Below are the Age/Gender adjusted results for Marin Ave which puts all participants on an even playing field, no matter what age or gender. What's interesting here is that our two fastest riders still hold the top spots. But they were originally tied and since Justin Peck is younger at 19, he gets a slight adjustment putting him in the lead!

1Justin Peck6:06
2Rubber Duck 🦆6:10
3Alec Babala6:24
4Hugh Rodman7:16
5Paul Silvis 🦝7:24
6Paul McKenzie8:08
7Paul Hainsworth8:10
8German Andres Zamora M.8:12
9Owen Miyoshi, FFCC/FF48:21
10Nolan Blankenau8:23
11Greg N8:23
12Virgilio Pigliucci8:24
13Ben Trefry8:28
14Shinya Ito8:39
15Ellen E8:41
16charlie h8:48
17Alex T8:48
18Damian Trujillo9:01
19perry harmony9:15
20Santi Mestre Fos9:18
21Adam Hunt9:18
22Ted Ognibene9:19
23Naor Deleanu9:48
24Dave Otten10:05
25Joe Mornin10:08
26Christopher Danner10:10
27Wael Iskandar10:17
28Jim Frink10:29
29Victor Corbelli10:38
30Dylan Jackson10:38
31Neil Black10:39
32Robert Ballard10:47
33Jesse MacEwan10:50
34Vinson Fan10:51
35David Domingo10:52
36David Gould10:56
37John Zacherle11:33
38Erik Gerlach12:05
39Rick Crawford12:21
40Sara Mastromarino12:30
41Shane C12:37
42Henri Wintz12:37
43static age12:53
44cheyla s13:35
45Victor Chao14:03
46krish nayar14:18
47Scott Werwath15:19
48Jeremiah Maller15:20
49Caroline Roberts15:26

Corrected Age/Gender results for Thorndale Ave:

Age/Gender adjusted results for Claremont/Grizzly/Vollmer below. Note that times are in the format of decimal in minutes rather than minutes:seconds.

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